Millennial is a group of young people who have a great concern, idealism and energy to learn about new things and to make changes, through various creative programs and methods. This requires each of us to constantly question the status quo, look for new ways for more effective and efficient results.
Meanwhile, as the largest country in Southeast Asia with the fourth largest population in the world, Indonesia has grown into a country that has a strategic role in terms of market power and increased consumption. In line with the economic success achieved by Indonesia in the last few decades and the population growth which has now reached more than 260 million has an impact on the declining quality of the environment.
Armed with the Growing for Good vision, in addition to offering safe and quality products for the people of Indonesia through the growth (growth) of its business, Suntory Garuda Beverage (SGB) always contributes good (Good) to the community and the environment. Together with one of the leading schools in Bandar Lampung, SMA Negeri 9 Bandar Lampung and SGB opened an Environmental Education Park. In the park which is located within the school area, rainwater harvesting is provided, Biopori as one of the methods of processing organic waste and a Green Area of no less than 300 m2 which can be used by students to study, read or take pictures of beautiful backgrounds or more popular with the term instagrammable photo spot.
Complementing the Environmental Education Park, in the framework of Heroes' Day, SMA Negeri 9 Bandar Lampung and SGB also held an activity titled Hero for GOODness which involved students and teachers to jointly make biopores, followed by intensive training classes on Rainwater Harvesting with Professor Agus Maryono from Gajah University Mada (UGM) Yogyakarta, known as a pioneer and expert on rainwater harvesting and water conservation in Indonesia, has even received recognition and invitations from various countries to be speakers on similar topics.
"Efforts to preserve clean water and the environment require activeness and cooperation from all parties. Humans must be able to protect the environment. Suntory Education Park is a new way to provide environmental education to students in a direct way that is creative and easy to understand, "said Drs. H. Suharto, M.Pd, Head of Bandar Lampung 9 Public High School in his opening speech.
Charles A. Rossi, President Director of PT. Suntory Garuda Beverage said: "As a leading company for bottled drinks, the preservation of clean water including its source is very important for us. This water conservation program reflects the company philosophy "Mizu To Ikiru - or literally means," Living with Water ", which means more than just producing a variety of environmentally friendly beverage products. We believe that with education, infrastructure / facilities and partnerships, together we can contribute to efforts to empower communities in a sustainable manner. "
Through the Environmental Education Park movement students are guided and taught to recognize the benefits of planting trees, making biopores and learning the Rainwater Harvest workflows to be practiced in their respective environments. This practice also guides students to understand that to preserve this nature can be done from small things but has a very important impact.